About Taming Of The Do

About Taming Of The Do


About Taming of The Do was developed for the salon professional to keep them abreast of all the latest show info and brands we represent, as well as anything and everything related to beauty, hairstyles and fashion.

This site will also serve anyone looking to find out the latest trends, styles, and professional beauty products. The focus will be on video of all the latest hair styles, color, and texture services available from salon professionals.

A Little About Me – Richard J Rose

I have been a professional sales representative in the beauty industry for over 20 years.  I started out with a small beauty supply company based out of Jacksonville, Florida called Gulf States Beauty Supply.  I fell into selling beauty supplies to salons through my then brother-in-law, who had to have emergency back surgery at the time and could no longer be on the road.  I was looking for a job at the time and he figured I would be a good fit for the job.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be selling soap and chemicals to women!  At first I felt uncomfortable and lacked the knowledge of the industry, but I quickly grew my territory and within 5 years I was at the top of the sales ranks for Florida!  Just as things were getting really good, the owners sold the company to a company called Beauty Alliance.  Once that happened, all hell broke loose in the industry!

L’Oreal, one of the largest beauty companies in the world, purchased Beauty Alliance and caused the other major player, The Wella Corporation, to leave our distributorship.  When that happened, I lost 60%-70% of my business overnight, and our distributor was scrambling to make up for all of the lost business.  That did not go well!  To make a long story short, L’Oreal started making drastic changes to the territories, our pay structure, and with the brands we represented.

I was eventually encouraged to leave the company, as well as many of the other Gulf States reps that they did not need.  We were basically displaced, since they already had a full sales force.  When I left Beauty Alliance (now renamed SalonCentric), I started my own small distributorship out of my garage selling various lesser known brands.  During that time, a past associate from Gulf States offered me a District Sales Manager’s job for his new start-up distributorship.  He sold one of my brands, and offered to buy all of my inventory.  I took the deal.  That ended up being a huge mistake!  Without going into detail, his expectations for growth were so unrealistic for mostly unknown brands.

While things were not going well with this company, one of the prior owners of Gulf States was quietly back in the beauty supply business.  They had no plans on going into Florida, since they were based out of Bessemer, Alabama.  I convinced the owner that I would be willing to get Florida going.  They had nothing here, so I basically started from scratch!  He could not pay a salary or benefits, just commission.  Being a single wage earner with a wife and kid, that was going to be tough!  When things escalated where I was at, I made the decision to go with this new company, called The Salon Center.

It was a long tough road, costing me my savings account to stay afloat during the long rebuilding phase.  Fast forward 5 years, and I am finally making a descent living, although not quite good enough.   Since I have a son with Autism, it that takes every penny I make to pay for all of his supplements, medicines, and special schooling. Since we were such a small company, we did not have a catalog or a website.  I figured I needed to come up with a solution to help me grow my business.  So about 3 years ago, even though I knew nothing about how to build a website, I created UniqueSalonProducts.com!  When the owners of The Salon Center saw my website, they wanted one for themselves and bought my design!  Since i built it, they naturally hired me to maintain it.  Their site is TheSalonCenter.com.  Since then, I developed an interest in utilizing technology to help me build my business.  I am learning new things every day!

When we started doing shows, one of the owners came up with the name, “Taming of the ‘Do” for our hair show.  I wanted a place for people to go to that was easy to find that had videos about the show and the artists.  So I built a site with that name.  Since I love videography, it was a natural thing to make this site focused on video.  My Youtube channel at this point has over 230 subscribers and over 50,000 views!  The channel is loaded with over 220 videos, some of which are available only to members.

My next big idea is to sell video marketing services to salons to showcase their work and feature their salon online.  The focus is to help grow their customer list and make them more money!

So that is my story…

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About Taming Of The Do

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