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Color Wow Color Security Conditioner

Color Wow Color Security Conditioners

Color Wow Color Security Conditioner

Most conditioners on the market today contain ingredients that oxidize on the hair, interfering with the color and turning it brassy.  The Color Wow Color Security Conditioner is a revolutionary approach to conditioning hair.  These formulas instantly smoothes, detangles, hydrates, and silkens color-treated hair using only translucent, non-color-corrupting agents.  There are two formulas to choose from: Fine To Normal Hair, and Normal To Thick, Coarse Hair.

How Conditioners Work

According to Dr. Joe Cincotta, when you color your hair, the ph is raised to a level of 9.5 to 10.  This gives the hair a negative charge.  The more color and chemical services that are done, the more the negative charge grows.  The purpose of conditioners is to neutralize that negative charge.  Most conditioners out there contain at most 2 or 3 positive conditioning agents.  Since two opposites attract, the positive charge neutralizes the negative charge in the hair.  The reason why the Color Wow Color Security Conditioner has two different conditioners is because people with Thick, Coarse hair need more conditioning agents than fine hair.  

Color Wow Color Security Conditioner

Six Different Conditioning Agents

The Color Wow Color Security Conditioner formulas have 6 different positively-charged conditioning agents in each one.  The reason why is because, at the molecular level, conditioning agents come in different sizes, shapes, and geometries.  Some are large, small, linear in shape, and some are bulky.  Some have three dimensional shapes to them.  In his research, Dr. Joe found that you need these six conditioning agents with various shapes and sizes to effectively neutralize as much of the negative charge as possible.  Using 6 conditioning agents instead of 2 or 3 keeps the hair light, not heavy and bulky.

Other Conditioning Agents

Most conditioning agents have a nitrogen in them.  Nitrogen is an element that when it comes in contact with heat and oxygen, it turns brown or yellow.  Color Wow Color Security Conditioner is made without agents that can oxidize on the hair.  Other companies don't even take the oxidation into account when developing their conditioners.  When oxidizing agents are used, the color tone is changed when the oxidation darkens the hair.

Summary Of Key Benefits

Color Wow Color Security Conditioners will condition your hair without weighing it down.  They contain non-oxidizing conditioning agents that will keep your color looking pure and true to tone and will instantly smooth, detangle, and hydrate your hair.

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