New Brazilian Blowout Express Smoothing Treatment

The New Brazilian Blowout Express Smoothing Treatment just hit the market in salons across the U.S. It is marketed by Brazilian Professional, the same company famous for the Original Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment.

The new Brazilian Blowout Express Smoothing Treatment
Brazilian Blowout Express

It is an alternative to the original treatment. Normally, the original takes an average of 90 minutes to do and lasts up to 12 weeks. This new treatment is for those budget-conscious clients that need a smoothing treatment, but can’t afford one.

Benefits of Brazilian Blowout Express

Here are the key benefits for a stylist to offer the New Brazilian Express to customers:

  • Priced in line with other color services to be affordable to anyone
  • Can be performed in 60 minutes or less
  • Lasts 4 weeks or longer
  • Newest express technology compared to competitors 12 years or older technology
  • Provides extreme curl reduction
  • Solution is cost-effective with up to 60 applications per bottle
  • No down time during application or after
  • No restrictions to customer after service

Brazilian Express Teaser Video

This is the official teaser video by Brazilian Professional showing the new service on social media.

Brazilian Blowout Express Teaser Video

Customer View Of What To Expect

This section is borrowed directly from Brazilian Blowouts website:

We require stylists to be certified in order to perform the Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS smoothing treatment properly and in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

One of the advantages of Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS is that it utilizes a 2-In-1 delivery system to effectively penetrate the cuticle, depositing smoothing actives deep into the hair while removing external residue and pollutants.

By smoothing and cleansing in one step, Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS saves valuable time while delivering 4 weeks of smooth frizz-free results.


When you arrive at the salon, the process is as follows:

Consultation: Your stylist will determine your hair texture, chemical history, and lifestyle to ensure you enjoy the best possible results.

  1. Stylist will spray your hair with water to prepare the hair for application of the Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS Professional Smoothing System. 
  2. Stylist will section your hair and begin to apply the Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS Professional Smoothing System to your hair from root to tip using an applicator brush. 
  3. Stylist will rough dry hair until 50% dry and then continue to blow dry using a round ceramic or metal brush.
  4. Once hair is 100% dry, the stylist will section your hair and use a flat iron to activate and seal the treatment into the hair. 
  5. Once the entire head is flat ironed, the stylist will completely rinse your hair (not shampoo). 
  6. Your stylist will spray Ionic Bonding Spray throughout the hair and perform the final blow dry and style.   

On average, stylists find that a Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS is performed in under 60 minutes. What's more, there is no wait period so you can start enjoying the freedom of 4 weeks of smooth, frizz-free no hassle hair immediately! That means you can work out, sweat, swim put your in a clip or ponytail the minute you leave the salon.

Real Life Results

Here is an example of what you can expect from the New Brazilian Blowout Express Treatment:

Brazilian Blowout Express Before and After
60 minute Brazilian Blowout Express Posted by Chasty Collins
Brazilian Blowout Express Before and After
Brazilian Blowout Express by Shalena Bell

As you can see, the results are just as impressive as the original formula. All of the stylists that I have spoken to that have tried the Brazilian Blowout Express seem to really love it!

Where Can I Find It?

This new service is offered by fine salons near you. Ask your stylist for the New Brazilian Blowout Express. If you are a stylist in the JACKSONVILLE or Southeast Georgia area and would like to place an order, please call me at 904-710-1988.

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