Scruples Illusionist Cream One Step Lift & Tone Technical Video


Scruples Illusionist Cream One Step Lift & Tone System

This is the official Scruples video showing how to use Illusionist Lift & Tone System.  With Illusionist, a professional colorist can lift without bleach and automatically apply a beautiful toner all in one step.

This is what is so impressive.  You can now lift through previously colored hair.  Yes!  You can lift color with color!  Normally, that’s not possible, but now you can with Illusionist and Scruple’s other highlighting product, Blazing Highlights.

Lift & Tone Without Damage!

If you missed the video featuring celebrity stylist Guy Tang, be sure to watch his full tutorial on how he highlighted his model with Illusionist and Lowlighted her with its companion product, Hypnotic. Just click on the link below:
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I’m not going to go into all of the benefits in this post, since all of that info is in the video above or can be found in the Guy Tang blog post.

If you are not a stylist but are looking to get the most beautiful and healthiest looking highlights possible, contact me if you are in the Jacksonville area, and I will direct you to a qualified stylist that uses Scruples.

If you are a stylist not already using this amazing tool, you can contact me directly or go to my other website to find out more information at:

This website is designed for professional hairdressers and features some of the latest new products, videos, and information on education and shows in Florida.

Our next big education event is The Salon Center’s yearly hair show, “The Taming of the ‘Do, ” which will be held on September 12th and 13th at the Florida Hotel in the Florida Mall.  To find out more, just click on the image below:

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