Scruples Urban Shock Brights: Long-Lasting Fashion Colors

Scruples Urban Shock Brights

Scruples Urban Shock Brights is the newest edition to the Urban Shock color craze range of hair color.  According to Mia Liguori Mchugh, Scruples Co-President Creative, "Brightly colored hair has become more than a trend.  These vibrant and pastel shades have become almost commonplace and this colorful movement is growing."  Watch the short video below as Mia presents the New Scruples Urban Shock Brights:

The line consists of 6 gel-based colors that come in a professional 3 ounce tube.  This highly concentrated, direct-dye pigment lasts up to 25 shampoos and does not require a developer.  

Scruples Urban Shock Brights

Pastel Shades Mixer

They also developed a clear mixer, and when mixed 10-to-1 with an intense shade, you can create a variety of medium intensity colors. When you mix it 20-to-1 with an intense shade, you can create beautiful pastel shades like the example below.

They also developed a clear mixer, and when mixed 10-to-1 with an intense shade, you can create a variety of medium intensity colors.  When you mix it 20-to-1 with an intense shade, you can create beautiful pastel shades.

What's Not In The Tube

More and more people want to know what's in the products they use.  For the colorist and most of their customers, knowing what's NOT in the product can often be just as important.  Scruples Urban Shock Brights is 100% free of PPD, gluten, PABA, ammonia, and peroxide.

Scruples Urban Shock Brights

More Conditioning

One distinction that sets Scruples Urban Shock Brights ahead of other direct-dye brands is the company made the color much more conditioning.  Since direct dyes are applied to hair that has been previously pre-lightened, Scruples fortified the color formula with eco-certified Shea Butter and a Superfruit blend of Pomegranate and Goji Berries.  As in most all Scruples products, their own PBX (Protective Barrier Complex) is also added.  These ingredients help the colorist protect the hair against damage.

Intro Kit

Scruples Urban Shock Brights Intro

The Scruples Urban Shock Brights Intro Unit comes with all 6 shades, 2 Clear Mixers, a Swatch Ring, and a Product Information Book featuring 2 Step-By-Step Technicals that follow along with the YouTube videos for creative inspiration.  Here are the videos:

Geometric Gemstone Technique

Color Echoing Technique

To encourage your creativity, Scruples included a Custom Combinations Chart shown below.  To download the pdf, just click on the image.

How To Use By Serena Cherkis

The following video is a presentation to The Salon Center by Scruples educator Serena Cherkis.  In this video she discusses how to use it and how it compares to competitive brands.  She is also a big Disney fan and was inspired by the colors of the castle as it changes colors.  This inspired her to create this really cool effect.  Watch the video to see what she did.

Custom Combinations Chart

Scruples Urban Shock Brights

​Click on the next image to download the full Scruples Urban Shock Brights brochure that includes the step-by-step guides to follow along with the YouTube videos.

Scruples Urban Shock Brights Brochure

Scruples Urban Shock Brights

The best thing about this new color is that it is made by Scruples, a family owned company that always puts the professional salon FIRST!  Scruples is a leader in the industry and continues to be on the cutting edge of the newest technology.  When you use Scruples products, you can be assured you are getting the highest performing, quality products available to the professional colorist.  To find out more about the company, CLICK HERE.

Scruples Urban Shock Brights

New Service = More $

If you read my previous article, 5 Ways Hairdressers Can Make More Money, one of the things I mentioned to that could help grow your income is to offer new services.  If you have a younger clientele, this would be an excellent addition to your service menu.  This line has the competitive edge in that it is a healthier, more conditioning, and longer lasting alternative to other direct-dye brands.

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