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Iron Wars – Best Flat Iron 2015 – Cherry Professional Styling Tools With Thermolon

Non-Stick Professional Flat Irons
Non-Stick Professional Flat Irons

Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon

Iron Wars – Best Flat Iron 2015 – Cherry Professional Styling Tools With Thermolon

Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon will be making their debut at this year’s Taming of the ‘Do Hair Show 2015.  They are a brand new entry in the professional styling tools arena.  Cherry has set out to be different from all the other so called “professional brands” out there.  Somewhere along the line, the professional brands became more and more consumer brands, and less and less professional.  What happened?  Like usual, greed set in and most of the major companies started selling to the big box stores, retail chains, and on-line resellers such as Amazon.  After all, the stylists did all the work in recommending tools that were really meant for them.

Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon promises to be different.  Here is their official statement from their brochure:

Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon are sold “ONLY” through Beauty Salons.  How do we know?  Because we only sell through a limited number of Professional Salon Distributors that still care about the salons they partner with.  We won’t allow sales to anyone other than a salon professional.  Isn’t it time we take back control of the brands we use and endorse in our salons?

The Cherry Story

I could write about how Cherry came about, but the founders of the company made this entertaining video that I think you will enjoy.  Click on the image below to watch this short video:

So what did you think?  I thought it was quite entertaining considering this is not made by professional actors.  Those three in the video are well known in the beauty industry.  I think they said they have over 60 years of combined beauty industry experience.  They have seen it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I think they were fed up with how things were going with the big companies they worked for.   That was the motivation that drove them to put this company together so they could make a difference to the professional hairdresser. [wr_spacer height=”1″ ][/wr_spacer] Cherry will be sold exclusively to the salon professional in the southeast by The Salon Center.  Since the Taming of the ‘Do Hair Show 2015 is on Sunday, September 14th, Cherry will utilize the show to demonstrate the unique features of these styling tools. 


Cherry Professional Styling Tools use a Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating based on Sol-Gel Technology, providing a safe alternative to carbon-based polymers, which can emit harmful fumes.  I think this is the major feature that sets this apart from any other flat iron on the market.  Here is the official company video that will show a really cool demo of the flat iron in action, and it will also go over the complete line of styling tools.  Just click on the image below to watch: 

Pretty amazing demo wasn’t it?  Just imagine how good your Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments will be knowing that none of the solution is going to stick to your iron!  Keeping the solution in the hair will result in much better bonding with more consistent results.

There are three models of Cherry styling tools that will appeal to the professional stylist’s various needs and price ranges:

Black Cherry Tools are designed for the Professional Salon Stylist looking for the latest innovations in technological advances that can save them time, and perform at a higher level and earn them more money.

Red Cherry Tools are quality built styling tools that are built to withstand the day-to-day rigors of the busy salon stylist and available at an affordable price.

White Cherry Tools are tools that offer many of the same features as the Black Cherry and Red Cherry, but are offered at very competitive pricing compared to tools purchased at mass retail outlets.

I have included pics of each of the three categories of tools below:

Black Cherry

Thermolon coated professional styling tools

Black Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon

Red Cherry

Thermolon Non-stick coating

Red Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon

White Cherry 

Thermolon non-stick coating

White Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon

One really much needed feature that is included all of the appliances, except for the White Cherry Dryer, is the generous 11 ft. cord.  This adds more freedom of movement to the professional stylist.  I really like the heat resistant cord that is included in the irons.  Never again will you accidentally burn the power cord with your iron!

The final thing that sets this line apart from other brands is the LIFETIME WARRANTY!  Yes…you read that right!  LIFETIME WARRANTY.  You don’t hear of many brands that support you like that!

I hope you are as excited as I am about these new tools, especially the Black Cherry and Red Cherry flat irons.  When you see a demo, I am confident you will want one.  If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on one of these “magic wands” utilizing the incredible Thermolon Technology, then be sure to get yourself to The Taming of the ‘Do Hair Show this Sunday!  I know we are going to run out fast on something like this, especially with the special introductory promotion they are offering!

For all of you stylists that read this after September 13th, 2015, please contact your local The Salon Center representative to purchase.  If you do not have a rep in your area, please message me here.  If you are a consumer  looking to purchase one of these for at-home use, please contact your stylist and get them to order one for you.  Please share this post with them if they have never heard of Cherry Professional Styling Tools with Thermolon.

If you would like to be notified as soon as I make a new post, please SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter via any of the sign-up forms on my blog.  Thanks for reading and please comment below what you think of this new technology, ok?

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