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About Taming Of The Do

Taming of The Do was developed for the salon professional to keep them abreast of all the latest show info and brands The Salon Center represents, as well as anything and everything related to beauty, hairstyles and fashion.

This site will also serve anyone looking to find out the latest product reviews, trends, styles, and professional beauty products. The focus will be on video of all the latest hair styles, color, and texture services available from salon professionals.

Richard J Rose – Marketing Consultant

I have been a professional sales representative in the beauty industry for nearly 30 years.  I started out with a small beauty supply company based out of Jacksonville, Florida called Gulf States Beauty Supply.

After only 5 years with the company, I rose (pun intended) to become the top selling rep the year they were sold.  Since then, I have worked with one of the largest beauty companies in the industry.

Once you have worked for a family owned company, the larger corporate companies just did not work well for me, especially since I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I like doing things outside of the box.

Fast forward to today, I am one of the top selling reps with The Salon Center.  This is a fast-growing, family owned company with a great philosophy of allowing their reps the freedom to be creative without a lot of micro management.  The brands we carry are some of the best in the industry.

Since starting with The Salon Center, I created the company website and created a few others, such as TamingOfTheDo.com.

Through the years I have invested in myself learning how to leverage technology to grow my sales. 

I utilize emerging technologies to help me grow my business and be a more efficient and effective consultant.  I also create content and provide my customers a private training site to help them be more successful.

If you struggle with building an effective web presence, I also specialize in website development, internet, social media, and video marketing as a side hustle.  You can find out more here: MarketingTechGuy.

Fun Facts About Me:

Florida native from Tampa, FL. Spent 4 years as an aircraft maintenance technician working on F-111's in the U.S. Air Force. Lived in England for 2 1/2 years and toured Europe.  Upon honorable discharge, I entered the AF Reserves while I earned a 4 year college degree at the University of South Florida with a BS in Marketing.

I love aircraft, and even though I trained to get a pilot's license, life got in the way and never got around to finishing. One of life's regrets I guess.

I used to do wood-working as a hobby, but once my son came along, that all stopped. So my hobby now is video and technology. This grew out of a necessity when I first joined The Salon Center back in 2010 and they didn't have a website or a decent catalog. Even back then, I felt our company didn't seem legit without a website, so I set out to create one for my clients...even though I had no clue how to do it! I just did it and made many mistakes until I got it right and continued to learn from others online. Fast-forward to today and I have digital assets and videos...everywhere!

I work hard to support my wife and our adult special needs son with Autism.

Compared to others, I'm not you average sales rep!  So now that you know a little about me, I would love to learn more about you too!