Guy Tang High Contrast Ombre' No Bleach

Scruples, Blazing One Step Lift and Tone System

Guy Tang High Contrast Ombre' No Bleach

Here is yet another video of Guy Tang doing his "thang."  He shows you how to create this amazing high contrast Ombre using Scruples Blazing One Step Lift and Tone System.  Watch the video now if you have not already!

Guy Tang's model, Nicole, is back after a year of not seeing her. She wanted more blonde and a high contrast ombré, but she didn't want him to use a harsh bleach to lighten her hair.  So being the product junkie that he is, Guy Tang pulled out of his vast tool box of products, Scruples, Blazing One Step Lift and Tone System.  This all in one lightener and toner is very gentle on the hair (especially over previous highlights) and lifts through color without bleach!  He has been loving the technology that Scruples provides in their coloring systems, such as Illusionist and Hypnotic.  In this video, he uses Blazing Highlights and True Integrity Permanent Color to create a two-tone Ombre'.


For Nicole's formula, he chose the Cool Light Blonde as his target shade.  She is naturally a level 5.  He arrived at his formula by finding her level from the left column of the chart, then intersecting that row to the column under Cool Light Blonde.  The box that intersects will contain the formula you need.  Nicole's formula will consist of using Scruples Blazing Lights 10A.  This formula will lighten her hair to the proper level all while depositing the desired tone.  Click the image below to view a full-size image of the Blazing Highlights Formulation Chart to better understand how easy it was to arrive at her formula:

This is the formula he mixed for the highlights:

Scruples Blazing Lights
4 scoops of X-tra Light Booster Concentrate (He added an extra scoop for the extra lift he needed to achieve)
1/2 oz of Blazing Light 10A Ash Base
1/2 oz of Blazing Light Oil Lightener
1/2 oz of Scruples 20 vol

Here are the mixing directions shown on the Blazing Wall Chart (Click on image to enlarge):

Guy Tang

It is important that you mix the ingredients well and in the proper order.  He first put 4 scoops of the Xtra-Boost Concentrate Powder in his bowl, then he mixed the 10A color, the Oil Lightener, and the 20 volume Pure Oxi Clear Developer together.  Next he added this mixture into the bowl of Xtra-Boost Concentrate and mixed thoroughly.  This is a very important step!

For his transition color he mixed 1 oz of Scruples True Integrity 7AG with 30 Volume Pure Oxi Cream Developer

Foiling Technique

Guy Tang uses a backcombing technique when applying the transition color and highlights.  He takes very thin sections of hair.  One of the other things he loves about the Scruples Blazing is that he can overlap the previous highlights without worrying about damage.  The video will give you more details on the application technique he uses.

The key takeaway from watching this video is that Blazing allows you to gently lighten the hair, even with pre-colored hair, then deposit a beautiful tone all in one step!  A high lift color does not always break through lowlights, but with Blazing you can.  Here is the main reason why Guy uses Blazing Highlights:

"You get to skip a step.  You don't have to tone the hair because it tones it for you.  It maintains the brightness of the blonde without making it too gray...Sometimes when you are using a bleach product the hair can become too white, and you're like uhh!  Now you have to tone the hair down, but then the hair has already been compromised.  And after that when you're toning it, it can turn gray...With this you don't have to worry about that.  It still maintains that brightness of that blonde without toning it, so you get to save a complete step."

Blazing Highlights Features & Benefits

After he finished foiling her hair, he processed her at room temperature for 30 - 45 minutes.  The results were amazing!  Before I show you pictures of the final result, here is a pic of the key features and benefits of Blazing Highlights One Step Lift and Tone System (Click on image to enlarge):


Did you like the results?  What part of the process impressed you the most?  If you are you currently using Blazing in your business, what kind of results have you achieved? Please comment below and let me know your thoughts, ok?

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