Sudzzfx Blonde Ambition - Eliminate Unwanted Brassiness or Yellow Tones In Blonde or Gray Hair

Sudzzfx Blonde Ambition - Eliminate Unwanted Brassiness or Yellow Tones In Blonde or Gray Hair

Sudzzfx Blonde Ambition Luxury Brightening Shampoo is a shampoo that utilizes a true blue pigment that eliminates brassiness and yellowish casts on blonde, gray or silver hair. Free of sulfates and hidden sulfates, it features a luxury shampoo base composed of skincare grade surfactants and ingredients that leaves the hair healthier than it found it, with luminous shine.

At our recent sales meeting, Crystal, a salon owner in the Orlando area, presented the key features and benefits of Sudzzfx Blonde Ambition Brightening Shampoo.  Watch the video below to find out more:


Sudzzfx Blonde Ambition comes out of the bottle Cobalt Blue. Once the product lathers and is massaged onto the hair, the lather turns Sky Blue, signifying that it's ready to be rinsed out.

It may be used up to 2-times per week on processed hair and up to 3-times per week on gray or silver hair to fight off brassy or yellowish casts.


Use in between bleach and toner to help increase the effect of the toner.

  • May be used with most bleach services to help negate yellow and brassy tones.

  • Use to tone highlights, Ombre and Balayage services. It will not affect darker sections of these services.

  • NOTE: For color manufacturers that use a green base, conduct a swatch test first prior to application. Avoid using with green-based hair color.

  • NOTE: Use with caution on hair extensions, as this hair is overly processed and overly porous.

  • NOTE: It is always wise to do a swatch test, as the end result can be unpredictable if clients are using home coloring kits, if the hair is overly processed or with the varying pigment bases of color manufacturers.


We have received overwhelmingly positive response from test salons in California and from educators and distributors throughout the country. Men with graying hair are raving about the tone of their hair and everyone is raving about the shine!

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