IZUTECH KTX450 Flat Iron #1 Choice For Professional Hair Stylists

The Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron is the #1 Choice for the professional hair stylist, Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments.

The best flat iron for keratin treatments is back! The Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron is the #1 choice for professional hair stylists and consumer use. Because this flat iron is equipped with Rapid Heat Technology, it is ideal for Keratin Treatments. In addition, it can quickly smooth thick, coarse hair. With the adjustable temperature dial, this flat iron can easily accommodate all hair types from fine to thick.

Additionally, The Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron is the best choice for consumers to help you recreate salon-quality results at home. It is great even if you have wavy or curly hair, or want to add some body to your already straight hair.

So to achieve a sleek look every single time, you need IZUTECH’s best flat iron! In short, this iron is ideal for professional cosmetologists as well as consumers!



  • Professional Stylists

  • Cosmetology Students

  • Styling Enthusiasts

  • Everyday Straightening & Curling

  • World Travelers (Dual Voltage)

  • Young Women Styling Their Own Hair  


The synonym for KTX is Keratin Treatment Express. The flat iron was designed and engineered to get the best results for Keratin and Smoothing treatments. That is to say, this iron is especially great for Brazilian Blowouts, including their new Brazilian Blowout Express Treatment!


The secret ingredient of the Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron is in our Korean Rapid-Heat Processor. It digitally feeds up heat 20x per second, making it one of the fastest heat-up flat irons.  Most importantly, If you perform Brazilian Blowouts or keratin treatments, you need this flat iron to achieve the best results!

What Happens during smoothing treatments

For example, traditional flat irons cannot maintain the constant high temperatures needed for proper bonding of smoothing treatments.  Because each time you make a pass over a section of hair, the temperature of most flat irons drop. As a result, the smoothing will be inconsistent. When the Rapid-Heat Processor senses a drop in temperature, it instantly brings it back to the selected temperature. The constant regulated temperature control will provide you consistent and fast results. 


The straight edge on the titanium plates gets closer to the root, creating a maximum volume on hair while straightening. Also, it protects from straightening treatment chemicals.


The special enclosure is made with 80 percent fiberglass compared to cheap plastics with most other brands. This is especially important because the internal electronic controls can be affected by continuous high temperatures. The higher quality housing protects the internal electronic parts from extreme heat, allowing our irons to last longer!


The round edge on the tourmaline ceramic plates virtually becomes a 2-in-1 iron. Therefore, It can curl and straighten, making it the most versatile Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron without creasing the hair.


The fastest heating technology initially designed for Keratin Treatments became popular with thick, coarse hair demographics. The Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron straightens their hair like no other!


Where a product is made is something to consider. Most appliances today are manufactured in China due to lower costs. There are many high quality products made in China, but the problem is there is often inconsistent quality standards in the parts used. For example, If you were to look inside two identical irons from the same manufacturer, the parts may look different because they get their parts from various sources. The parts may be built to the same specifications, but the quality may vary in an effort to cut costs.

The Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron is made in Korea because they have higher quality standards. These Korean-made irons are more durable and have the highest quality parts that can withstand the demands of professional stylists.


Available now for professional stylists from The Salon Center!  We will exchange irons due to manufacturer defects with a brand new one for a full year if you experience any issues. Proof of purchase is required.


In conclusion, the Izutech KTX450 Flat Iron is the ideal flat iron for professional and consumers who want to get the best results. Whether you are using it for smoothing treatments or at home use, this flat iron will provide the smoothest results in less time. Don't waste another minute thinking about it...order one TODAY by contacting your local Salon Center rep today!